We believe every human has the right to live a long, healthy and secure life. But unfortunately,every life and propertyis surrounded by the risk of death, disability or destruction and these risks and uncertainty can lead to massive financial loss to an individual or a business entity. But there is a solution, an Insurance. We believe Insurance is one of the most remarkable achievements of humankind. Insurance is the best way to mitigate any risk or uncertainty. We, as a distributor or agent serve every insurance product that meets one’s requirement.

We offer products based on needs…

Everyone has some dreams, goals, financial or business objectives and we all work hard to get those fulfilled. But what if we meet an unfortunate death, accident, critical disease; or if huge damage, destruction, theft happen to our assets, business unit or property. All these will lead to emotional and economic loss, neither of which could be avoided or reversed. But there are options to compensate for the economic loss. We offer insurance plans as categorized below for such compensations:

Income Replacement: We sometimes meet economic loss that leaves ourselves and our dependents helpless and we temporally or permanently become incompetent to earn. Such a case happens in the event of unfortunate accidents, permanent disability, death etc and we need a new source of income that could feed us in daily life. To overcome such a situation, we offer life insurance plans as listed below:


Term Plan

A term plan is a pure risk cover product that pays a sum assured to the listed dependents as a nominee in case of death of an insured person within the term of the plan purchased. The buyer needs to pay a specified premium to get the cover.


Whole-life Plan

A whole-life Plan covers the risk of the insured for the whole life without any specified term and some plan also offers periodic cash value and bonus as declared. Some plans also give a survival benefit for a little higher premium. The plan is also used in estate planning.


Endowment Plan

A endowment plan is an Insurance with a guaranteed return at maturity that covers the life of the insured until the policy term with death benefit and accumulated bonus at the end as specified. Some plan also pays back premium periodically. These plans are also known as Money-back plan.



Unit linked Insurance Plans are a market-linked product which offers life cover and an Investment avenue. This plan invests a portion of the premium in the professionally managed funds as directed by the insured. There are other features attached to the plans. One should consider their investment and insurance need, risk profile, tenure before buying up the plan.

Income Protection: Some economic loss hamper or disturb our financial plans, business objective or budgets that can be avoided or protected by buying an insurance plan. Such economic losses can occur due to events like Hospitalisation due to accidents, diseases or any critical illness, fire or robbery in-home or any business unit, any unwanted damage to private or business property like motorbikes, cars, trucks, Ships, or manufacturing machines. All these types of insurance are categorized as General Insurance. The plans we offer into General Insurance category are as below:


Health Insurance

Health Insurance policies helps us meet our medical and hospitalisation expenses in case of any unfortunate medical requirements or emergencies. One can take Health Insurance for self or whole family for a specified maximum coverage as per the premium paid. There are numbers of facilities attached with different plans like domiciliary treatment expenses, pregnancy expenses, cash-less facility, no-claim bonus, portability etc.


Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance cover damage to any motor vehicles, be it a two-wheeler bike, 4-wheeler car or 10-wheeler truck. In fact, motor Insurance is mandatory in India for every motor vehicle on road. These insurance pays for any accidental damage to the vehicle, passengers and any damage caused to the property or life by the accident. The damage cover and conditions are always specified in the policy document.


Property Insurance

Property Insurance provides protection against new loss or damage to business or private property caused by fire, robbery, natural disaster, any accident etc. This do not cover any expenses from depreciation.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance cover for any medical, financial or any other assistance in case of an emergency in International travel. The maximum coverage is always specified in the policy document and are paid in form of reimbursement. Travel Insurance are mandatory for visit in some countries in India.


Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance cover and pays off liability of the insured under common law raised from the incapability of paying such liability. Such events include unpaid loans, personal injury to others, damage of third-party property etc and incapability to pay due to death or by law. This does not cover unpaid liability after suicide, negligence, or getting default knowingly.

Contact us for more details and assessment for your Insurances need. Please mark buying an insurance plan without proper assessment of your risk, cover required and benefits are useless. There are numbers of insurance buyers who even do not know the facilities attached to the plan and thus do not claim benefits even after paying the premium. We just don’t help you buy a suitable insurance plan but also make you understand its benefits and help to claim it when you need it.

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