We are glad to partner with Edelweiss Broking Limited and registered as an Authorised Person (AP) to offer Trading and Demat Services. Edelweiss Broking Limited has been rated as the “Best Broker” in India in the Finance Asia (Hong Kong) Country Awards 2016. We, with Edelweiss, bring world-class trading platforms that are innovative, easy to use, modern, intuitive and compiled with all market segments in one place. The segments briefs are below:


Build your portfolio with quality equity shares and stick on it.You can get most of it by investing inthe long-term. Equity serves as the most liquid asset class.


Want your returns to be secured and fixed? Own sovereign bonds, NCD, etc from the exchange as per your need for periodic income and capital protection.


Enhance your portfolio by hedging it using futures and options. There is a lot more of it- Speculate, leverage your trades or make a strategy.


Diversify your portfolio between different asset classes. Commodities tend to have the best inflation hedge. You can invest, speculate, hedge or arbitrage with gold, oil, metal, or agriculture products.


Take part in international economic factors using currency derivatives. You can hedge your portfolio or export-import business against currency risk or else just trade, invest and speculate in the multiple currency pairs.

Public Issue

Participate in public issues of exchange-traded products like IPO, OFS, NCD, govt. bonds, ETF and have maximum benefit out of it.

We have something more to offer you…


Easy On-boarding

Hassle-free and tech-based account opening process with e-sign options that enable minimum paperwork.


Mobile Trading App

All-in-one mobile app that enables trading in all market segments along with comprehensive market overview, live news, holdings, Backoffice and all the latest market updates straight on your mobile.



Live Market updates and Research recommendations based on your trading style across all market segments and caps.


Leverage Facility

Margin trading on order types like Intraday and SEBI MTF based on client profile and asset holdings.


Risk Management

Robust Risk Management system to prevent unwanted exposure and market volatility.

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LSFS is registered as AP with Edelweiss Broking Limited. The trading and Demat services showcased above is as per the official website of the Edelweiss Broking Ltd. LSFS acts as an AP to bring those services to clients.