We at LSFS, brings a large bucket of loans meeting almost every requirement of funds. We believe that a proper plan fund should not be a hindrance in fulfilling any dream, be it buying a new home or Car, aspiration for higher education, starting or expanding business or any other requirement. We are always ready to serve you with the best offerings at your convivence. Some of the broad categories in loan segment offered by us are below:


Housing Loan

We bring loan for owning a house for residential & commercial purpose and even helps in buying vacant plots. Housing loan offerings starts with an amount as low as 3 lac and with flexible tenure of up to 20 years. We help for flexible and quick documentation and even support for paper works. We facilitate housing loan for construction & purchase, renovation & extension, business purpose and even loan top-up and loan against property. We also have facility of pre-payment with some pre-specified terms and condition.


Vehicle Loan

We have offering for vehicle loans with wide range of varieties from personal vehicle to commercial vehicle and again from two-wheeler loan to tractor and truck loan as well as we also have offerings in car lease for business in selected locations. We have also some tie-ups to provide loans for used vehicle like tractors and trucks. We work as team with our channel partners to serve with best offers and service. We also have tie-ups with insurance companies for instant insurance of your vehicle in a much affordable rate.


Business Loan

We bring business loan for various requirement like working capital requirements, business expansion, project finance etc. We focus largely on SME and self-employed/proprietorship business loans and helps on all documentation and paper works for smooth and quick disbursement. We also help in preparation of the presentation and business plan as required for the loan assessment. We also have different payment schedules as per the business plan and requirements.


Medical and Construction Equipment Loan

We understand every requirement and thus bring loan facility for Medical and Construction Equipment loan. We have a small loan assessment process to ensure the right purchase and need of the equipment. We again here have wide range of payment options and tenure as per the requirements.


Loan against Salary and Securities

We have offerings for instant loan against salary and securities which are categorised into personal loan to help in fulfilling personal requirement like furnishing home décor, personal tour, purchasing mobile or gadgets etc. We offer loans with minimum document for this segment like only Salary Slip for loan against salary and loan against securities can be availed for Mutual Funds, Stocks, Gold, Bonds, selected insurance plan as per the terms set by concerned regulatory authorities.

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LSFS is registered as a direct selling agent with various companies for all loan offers. The content on this page is for general information only and in any manner does be taken as an absolute term for loan disbursement. LSFS only act as a mediator at various level to bring loan products to its clients.